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It is an innovative part where our system for clamping the positioning, positioning and clamping parts of the HOBBY welding tables was based on. The advantage over comparable welding table systems is that we fasten everything from the top of the welding table !!!

There is no need to fasten the elements from the underside of the welding table, which is very slow, inefficient and dangerous process! The adapter is made of high-quality materials with engineering precision. Its thermal treatment will convince you in about its high strength and long life.

When constructing, we did not leave anything to chance! We have changed its shape several times – always after the testing, so we can offer you a very precise product. We are convinced that when used properly, its lifetime far exceeds the life of other similar systems.

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It is the most important clamping element, without whom no part of the HOBBY kit accessories of the  welding table can be attached to the base plate. It also forms lines for stiffeners with clamps, which are a necessary complement to each of our systems. After inserting the adapter into the table rabbet from the top side and setting it in the required position, it is secured by tightening the nut.

The specially designed adapter prevents it from twisting when tightened. That is, there is no need, as with similar systems, to hold the part from the underside of the welding table. This brings great efficiency when clamping or positioning. Angles, eccentrics, or stops are attached similarly.

The adapter is inserted into the rabbet, the nut is unscrewed and the required part is slid onto the adapter via the hole or rabbet selected by you. Finally, the nut is tightened. All these operations take place from the top of the welding table, which is our greatest advantage over similar systems.

Basic dimensions L – 36
Thread dimension M24 x 1,5
Internal dimension D – 12H13
Material quality 14220/900PN02
Supplied with locking nut.
Made with high precision on CNC machines.

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