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The adapter is the most important innovative part of the accessory clamping system that we have designed for you. Everything is attached from the top of the table. It is made of high quality steel with machine precision. Its subsequent chemical and heat treatment guarantees a long service life and wear resistance. Structurely simple, but perfectly sophisticated. We have changed the functional shape several times to offer you
perfect product. We are convinced of the correctness of our design and its long service life.

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The adapter is a key element of the welding table kit. It uses all accessories,
such as angles, stops, stiffeners, etc.
Usage is simple. Putting it in a non-circular hole in the welding plate, turn it to the right to lock it, then tighten the locking nut and it is done.
Easy and fast.

Everything clamps from the top of the welding table! There is nothing to hold or secure under the table.
The designed clamping method brings you great efficiency and safety when clamping. All parts of the attachment are securely fastened, quickly and safely.
This is our huge advantage over other welding tables.

Basic Dimensions L – 46
Thread Size M24 x 1,5
Internal dimension D12H13
Material Quality ETG88
Supplied together with locking nut.
Made with high precision on a CNC machine.

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