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It is made of three laser welded parts of sheet metal s = 12mm and welded to one another.
The longer arm has d-20.1mm holes at a spacing of 50mm, which are designed to clamp further locating elements or stiffeners.
The shorter arm has a groove width of s = 20.1mm, which allows the angle adjustment to the desired position. In the lateral reinforcement, the opening d = 20.1mm with a groove width of s = 20.1mm on the pitch circle. Same as hole pitch in the table. This solution allows the angle to be used as a stop with a true astable angle in any direction.
The angle is milled to achieve the required precision after welding.

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It is primarily designed to create a surface perpendicular to the plane of the table, preferably a height adjustment is used to enlarge the table surface. Together with the collar, a stop is created, including a clamp – it takes a small surface.
The holes in the longer arm are used to fasten the necessary locking elements together with the angle 333 143 to create an arbitrarily adjustable surface relative to the table surface.

Basic dimensions L-200mm, V-300mm, š-75mm
Thicnkes of material: 12 mm
Hole diameter: D-20,1mm
Slot width: š-20,1mm
Holes pitch: T-50mm
Materil Quality: S 355 MC