Clamping pin PROFI SUPER

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It is a precisely manufactured part of stone material, subsequently plasmanitrided due to abrasion. The spigot has balls that extend through the imbus bolt head bolt. That is, we’re all down from the top. When properly treated, there will never be any drop of balls whose saddles are shaded and then hardened.

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The pin is inserted into the accessory – bracket, tab, and so on. and slides into the hole in the table so that the pin head rests on the joined parts. By tightening the imbus bolt “with feel”, the pin and the connected components are fastened-assembled. Simple and fast, according to our motto “ALL UPPER UP”.
There are two types of pins: 2-ball and 3-ball.
The difference is that some accessories joining applications require clamping through the groove, and it does not work with a three-pin spindle, it can do two-round.

The use of a three-spindle pin in round holes is more gentle to the tabletop and the table is better decomposed.

Never tighten the “bolt” bolt or no accessories. Damage will occur – the balls will fall out and will never hold in the pin.

Basic dimensions D-30mm, d-20mm, L-55mm
Used material: ETG100
Material Quality: S 355 MC

Kaleno, plasma-titrated.

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