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It is a specially designed product which aims to protect the surface of your welding table and thereby extend its life-time. Supplied in three specifications. Depending on your welded parts, choose one of the options – Al, Cu, SS. The cover plate is made on a CNC machine. With high precision, it copies the shape of the rabbet or holes of your welding table.

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Simply lay on the perfectly clean surface of your welding table and set it to fit the holes or rabbet- according to the design. Adapter thread tolerance with this increase has no problem. All the clamping and stopping elements are on the cover plate. Please do not stick with glue or tape. It could be that the cover sheet would become non-conductive. If the tape is used, the flatness of the table may be distorted!

Basic dimensions 910 x 1410/2210
Material thickness 0,8 mm
Material quality aluminum, stainless steel, copper

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