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The design consists of laser-cut parts made of 12 mm thick sheet metal, then straight. This manufacturing process allows assembly and subsequent welding of the part with high precision. On the underside, the embedded center and edge reinforcements guarantee excellent stiffness and strength. In the edges of the edges, the openings at both ends are identical to the holes in the table, which fasten an expanding leg that eliminates the strain on the side of the table. The raster of the clamping holes from the top and sides is identical to the holes in the table.

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It is primarily designed to enlarge the table area with good clamping capability. It can be used on the table top where it replaces the bricks. The cube is offered in three lengths of 500mm. The cross section is always the same, including the clamping holes of the 1000 mm length 1500 must always be supported! Support is included! The cube can be used in a pair as a connecting element of two or more tables. By this application, a large working surface is formed that is firmly connected.

Basic dimension L-500mm, V-150mm, š-200mm
L-1000mm, V-150mm, š-200mm
L-1500mm, V-150mm, š-200mm
Thickness of the material: 12 mm
Diameter of the hole: D-20,1mm
Holes pitch: 100×100 with diagonal 50×50 hips
Material Quality: S 355 MC

From the length of 1000/1500, it comes with a support.

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