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Foot construction is a sophisticated set of simple but reliable components that together form a very solid whole after welding! It is designed for use with our HOBBY and EXPERT welding tables that have mobility capabilities. This means that they have only three legs in order to be able to fold them under the table top and transport the welding table after securing the safety bar.

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The customer assembles and welds himself according to the video guide.


In the assembly with long foot 555 032, the basic height adjustment of the HOBBY or EXPERT welding table is made. The foot is provided with a pair of rubber silentblocks on a common bracket. This is to ensure that the welding table has a good stability on an uneven surface when using handle 555 053. When used with short foot 555 032, it serves as a brake. The long leg is supplied in the form of a kit, where the individual parts are assembled and subsequently welded by the customer. The individual parts are made with engineering precision, so the leg assembly is a fun experience.

Basic dimensions TR60,3 x 4
Lenght 847 mm
Max. length incl. bracket and silentblock 949 mm
Min. lenght 910 mm
Set screw M12 – 10K

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