Stiffener 180°

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It is a clamping element used in all of our welding tables – HOBBY, EXPERT and PROFI. It is compatible with all our welding tables! When designing it we put emphasis on functionality and reliability. We used quality materials.

Via subsequent chemico-heat treatment, we have achieved high strength and flexibility together with low weight. This process does not cause permanent deformation during normal use. In conjunction with the HOBBY adapter 555 065 or the 655 013 for EXPERT and PROFI and with clamp 555 017, it forms the perfect fastening assembly. Fast and safe.

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It serves to clamp the welded parts to the welding table surface. Its great advantage is seamless vertical adjustment, which is limited only by the length of the stiffener. Horizontal setting is 360 ° ie around its axis. When using a stiffener, an adapter is required to form a bed into which the stiffener engages. The main advantage is that the adapter serves not only as a stiffener seat, but at the same time attaches the individual positioning components. This saves not only time for clamping, but table workspace, too. The whole process is fast and safe.

Basic dimensions D – 12 mm
Clamping lenght min 70 mm
Clamping lenght max 230 mm
Material quality 14220/900PN02

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