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It is a device used to fasten the HOBBY or EXPERT welding tables to the vertical plane. This will allow the welding table to fold down when you are not working on it.
The design of the handle is very simple and elegant. Due to the minimal effort, but with high functionality, all parts are precisely manufactured on a CNC laser cutting machine. So assembling the handle and then welding it is a very nice job. The handle 555 053 is supplied in the form of a kit where the individual parts are folded and welded by the customer himself.

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The customer assembles and welds himself according to the video guide.


It is designed to save space in small workshops and outlets. It finds its use in mobile applications too – in cars where there is no space to waste. At the time you do not use the welding table, you may lower it to the vertical plane and secure it. This solution is the result of years of experience with a small space where the unused welding table becomes a waste disposal of unnecessary things.

Mounting to a wall or other suitable vertical surface is very simple. Use a non-welded bracket to indicate bolt anchors. After welding, fixing is an easy matter. The dimensions of the handle correspond with the handles on the HOBBY or EXPERT welding table. The clamping screws are also the same as those used in the legs of the table. The welding table can be on the legs or on the vertical surface. Attaching accessories: leg and handle is identical!

Basic dimensions 660 x 141 – 125
Number of anchor points 4 x D11
Material thickness 6 mm
Material quality Laser 355 MC Plus

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