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It is designed as a much cheaper alternative to similar welding systems, where all parts of the kit are made by chip machining. Thanks to 17 years of experience in the production and sale of these machine-made kit welding systems, we have designed and manufactured a cheaper welding table with sufficient precision and excellent variability in the clamping system of the welded parts. The EXPERT welding table kit is a continuation of the simple HOBBY system. The biggest advantage over the HOBBY system is the multiple increase in the number of clamping holes with a newly designed adapter.
As with the HOBBY kit, the EXPERT kit makes all the clamping of the positioning elements – angles and stiffeners from the top of the table! There is no uncomfortable and dangerous securing from the bottom of the table.
The EXPERT welding table kit is fitted with three legs that fold underneath the table when transporting. It can also be supplemented by a handle that makes it possible to fold down the table in small areas. This saves space in the workplace.
The working dimension of the EXPERT welding table is designed to cover the most common welding requirements and allow clamping from five sides. Designed to fit the size of the luggage compartment, both EXPERT and HOBBY were primarily designed to work outside the workshop – on construction sites, mobile workshops … the total width of the welding table, including the folded legs, is 170 mm!

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The customer assembles and welds himself according to the video guide.


It is designed to work in small spaces, prototype workshops where it is not used every day and where high accuracy of position of welded parts is not required. It is a great addition to large, precision-made and also costly and expensive welding kits made by other manufacturers. The EXPERT welding table is ready to work immediately thanks to the use of several basic components – the angle, the stopper, the stiffener and the adapter. Thanks to the large number of clamping holes (there are 260 in the top plate of the table), the possibilities of setting and clamping have been expanded. The specially designed “adapter”, thanks to its shape, snaps into the holes securely and locks it in the correct position for clamping. Unlocking is ensured by tightening the nut. All the positioning elements are fixed by means of the adapter, and at the same time, a stiffener bed is formed. The adapter even without the nut will never fall off the table top!

The welding table kit is supplied in the form of individual parts that the customer assembles and then welds himself. Precisely made and aligned parts, including a thoughtful table design, will make the assembly much easier.

The EXPERT welding table kit can be ordered in two types of material.
MAT. Laser 355 MC Plus – standard structural steel with guaranteed weldability

Basic dimensions 1010 x 660 – 119
Material thickness 6 mm
Material quality Laser 355 MC Plus
Hole D 22/27
Hole spacing 50 mm
Number of legs 2 pcs with wheel
1 piece with silentblock
Total working height Min 1040
Max 1066

All parts are manufactured on a CNC laser machine. All parts are aligned on a CNC machine.

Please see the instructional video, where we will show you how to build and weld the EXPERT table. In case of questions, please contact us by call or email. We are ready to advise you on the construction of the table.

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