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It is designed as a welding table construction kit where the customer assembles the table and welds it himself. After 17 years of experience in the production and sale of welding tables produced by chip machining, we chose the simplest form of production – laser cutting, with an acceptable price and satisfactory accuracy. The area of the welding table is reasonably large for the most common welding applications, such as angles, hinges, flanges, spacers and stiffeners. Typical components you need to clamp and weld quickly and accurately, but do not want to clean and preserve several square meters of milled or ground welding area.
Our biggest advantage compared to other simplified welding kits offered is that you always arrange and locate all positioning and fastening activities from the top of the table !! There is a relatively dangerous manipulation under the welding table. Another advantage that speaks for the use of the HOBBY welding table is the possibility of attaching it to the vertical plane. This means a lot of space saving when the desk is not used. The power of the table with the folded leg occupies only 110mm of your workshop. It is ready for use within a short time by simply lifting it into the working position and tilting and securing one foot. The foot construction allows just one person to handle the table.
The low weight of the welding table determines it for mobile applications. It is designed to help you in field work – buildings, mobile repair shops … In a set with three adjustable legs, it stays on each surface. For transport, the legs fold into the recess on the underside of the table and secure the safety caliper that is part of the welding table. Stops are used as a handles (555 013), which are fastened via adapters to the sides of the table. This folded welding table occupies only 130 mm in width!

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The customer assembles and welds himself according to the video guide.


It is designed for use in small workshops where it is not used every day and where high accuracy of the position of the welded parts is not required. It is a suitable addition to the large precision-made and also expensive welded kits of renowned manufacturers. The HOBBY welding table is instantly ready to work thanks to the use of several basic components – the angle bar, the stiffener, the adapter, and the stopper. An adapter is inserted into the rabbet in the base plate of the table, which serves as both a clamping element for the angles and stops, and also forms a stiffener bed. These parts are maximally simplified to make the price as low as possible. This does not mean, however, that their implementation lacks the necessary precision and quality.

The HOBBY welding table can be ordered in two types of material quality.
MAT. Laser 355 MC Plus – standard structural steel with guaranteed weldability

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