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The PROFI welding table kit design is based on the experience gained with the design of small HOBBY and EXPERT welding table kits. We have decided to design a welding table with a considerably larger area and thus a greater number of clamping holes to extend the scope of use in industrial production.

Larger area means larger forces which try to deform the table plate. Therefore, the design of the PROFI welding tables is greatly enhanced. We used a greater number of transverse and longitudinal braces with a double height. After welding all parts of the kit, a highly rigid and solid weldment – a welding table is created.

Due to the assumed higher load, we suggested the use of 6 pcs of legs. We offer two types of design: fixed leg for static positioning of the welding table, or wheel leg with a break easier movement and manipulation of the welding table. Both designs are height adjustable using a rectification screw. Compared to the EXPERT and HOBBY welding table kits, the legs are strongly connected – screwed to the bottom plate of the table. The use of legs is not a prerequisite for its operation. We can place the welding table on your own design. Only requirement is its flatness. We offer two material alternatives for use in the welding table production. In standard no. VAR1, there is used common steel S235JRG2 on all parts of the kit.

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The customer assembles and welds himself according to the video guide.


PROFI welding tables are designed for use in industrial production, as a more economical option than chip-machining kits. We cannot and do not want to compete in terms of precise production and number of accessories. Application of the PROFI welding table kit can be seen in prototype workshops of large enterprises, where it is needed in development to quickly verify the accuracy of welding design with the lowest production preparation costs. And this our welding table kit perfectly meets.

We put everything from the top of the table!
The use of kit in small locksmiths increases their ability to produce piece series faster and more accurately. The PROFI welding table kit with accessories is an excellent alternative in terms of functionality of all used clamping and positioning devices, their accuracy and especially the prices compared to the chip-machining kits manufactured by renowned manufacturers.

All accessory components, such as angles, stops, stiffeners, and especially the adapter, are compatible with the smaller EXPERT kit. This solution utilizing the same accessory means a great economic advantage when replenishing and expanding the EXPERT or PROFI kits. PROFI welding tables are ready for connection, i.e. that theoretically, you can assemble an area of workplace arbitrarily large!

The PROFI welding machine kit is delivered in an unfolded state. The parts are precisely manufactured on a CNC laser cutting machine. Of course, they are straightened and the material stress is and eliminated. When compiling a PROFI table, you will be provided with an instructional video that will guide you through the entire building. In case of doubt, we are ready to help you by telephone or personal visit. We wish you a pleasant work when making your PROFI welding table!

Basic dimensions V1 – 1410×910
V2 – 2210×910
Material thickness: 6 mm
Material quality: Var.1 – Laser 355 MC Plus
Working height: Max. 980 mm
Min. 930 mm

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