About us

Jan Cetl—born in 1965 in Vsetín—is the person who stood behind the innovative solution and conceptual design of custom-made kits for welding tables made of sheet metal.

My professional life was devoted to engineering. I started as a locksmith assembly, later as a technologist and at the end of my career as an assistant engineer in former state enterprise Zbrojovka Vsetín (munitions factory).
After the bankruptcy of this largest employer in the Vsetín district (about 7,000 employees), we established a family business which dealt with engineering—mainly machining.
As a complementary business activity, we have manufactured and sold quick-release valves and welding tables—chip-machined. However, our paths have broken apart 17 years later. After strike out, I decided to create and offer an alternative solution for the production of welding tables. Experience with the production of chipboards has led me to realize that it is impossible and pointless to compete with established manufacturers.

Jan Cetl

Owner, technologist +420 605 730 349 cetljan@seznam.cz