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It consists of a set screw with a swivel head and a body with a set. It is used in all of our offered welding kits – HOBBY, EXPERT and PROFI. When designing, we focused on the greatest possible simplicity and reliability.

Body and clamp bolt is of high quality material with subsequent chemical-heat treatment. The clamp head is made of copper to withstand splashes, but mainly to remove heat from welding. As a complete set the clamp is indestructible to achieve the best possible prices!

All parts are made with machine precision on CNC machines.

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It is used to clamp welded parts in a vertical or horizontal plane using other clamping parts of the welding kit. For horizontal clamping with unchanged vertical height we use clamp 555 017 and adapter (555 065 for HOBBY or 655 013 for EXPERT and PROFI) fastened to the welding table.

For application where the height is insufficient, we use the 180 ° – 555 022 stiffener for its change. Insert the clamp into the stiffener’s casing, secure with the adjusting screw, and then insert it into the adapter. For vertical clamping, always use a stiffener 90 ° – 555 021, where we insert and secure the clam into the stiffener’s casing. Vertically, the height of the clamp is defined by depth of adapter insertion.

Basic dimensions L – 120; V – 55
Screw head D – 20; L – 25
Head material Cu 99,9
Screw material 14220/900
Body material 14220/900 PN02
Screw D 12 x 1,25
Stroke 55 mm

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